DMCA Takedown notice

Posted the 12 Mar 2018

So now this is the end... You might notice it but since the end of September 2017 the project is no longer accessible. I received a mail from GitHub regarding roBrowser project, in fact another pro...

Party System just landed

Posted the 14 Aug 2014

Since some days now, one of the most ask features were implemented : the Party system (and friends) is now available in roBrowser. All features from the official client are currently implemented: ...

Memory Optimization

Posted the 08 Aug 2014

Do you know about the Garbage Collector ? Javascript doesn't have an explicit memory management, you can create but not delete objects. The Garbage collector help to regular this problem by pausing t...

Finally! Trade Interface

Posted the 12 Jun 2014

Finally, one of the most waiting features of roBrowser is available : The Trade Interface. A lot of works were done recently in roBrowser so I got some time playing with the Trade window. It was intr...

Card System implemented

Posted the 30 May 2014

Last week roBrowser comes with a new addition : the card system. This system is well known in Ragnarok Online because it's the main element of strategic stuff and build. Cards are rare items you ca...

Emotions and Status

Posted the 07 May 2014

The latest version comes with a new feature : sprite attachment. This system help to attach sprite to characters without adding a tonnes of new code, making the code more maintainable. You can now ...

NPC Store successfully implemented

Posted the 09 Apr 2014

One of the most used feature in Ragnarok Online, the NPC Store, is now available in roBrowser. It was added in version #dc23ce55. This window allow to buy and sell items to a NPC, it's time to do busi...

Welcome Effects

Posted the 03 Apr 2014

Awesome graphic improvement today, I created a STR file loader and renderer. This file contain key animations of some effects used in Ragnarok Online, so since #8cd630e0, roBrowser is now able to disp...

Cute Pets are now available

Posted the 31 Mar 2014

Ragnarok Online QPet is a system which allows players to tame monsters to become pets. The pet will follow the player everywhere and give him some special stat bonuses once Cordial or Loyal, He'll nee...

Loading local FullClient

Posted the 25 Mar 2014

One of the most unique features of roBrowser compared to other web apps is the ability to load directly Ragnarok Online files stored in user computer. Doing this will avoid the application to downloa...

Grf Viewer

Posted the 20 Mar 2014

GRF is the file extention for Ragnarok Online Game Resource Archive. This file is a sort of .zip storing all resources files from the game in its content. Writing a loader in javascript was kind of ch...