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What is this ?

roBrowser is an open source project based on the game Ragnarök Online build by Vincent Thibault.

The concept is to bring the game to the web browser using awesome technologies : HTML5, Javascript, WebGL.

So no, roBrowser is’nt Ragnarök Online’s clone, it’s a cross plateform solution to connect to Ragnarök Online game’s server, wanna test ?

Experiments !

roBrowser isn't just a game, it's also a set of tools included in the core to process with Ragnarök Online game's files.

It's for example possible to unpack the Game Archive and visualize its content, even the propriate file formats ( models, textures, ...)

Tools Included

Meet The Team

We are volunters not paid for our work and doing our best to provide the best service as possible

Vincent Thibault, French web developer and founder of roBrowser
Vincent Thibault

Whoops ! I just saw a bug !

Because roBrowser isn't a stable release yet there will be some bugs around for sure.

Help us to handle them by reporting them in our forum.
We will try our best to eradicate the threat as soon as possible.

Yet you can also create a Github account and help us improving the project, lot of work to be done !